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Radka Dubcakova was born in Czech Republic and now has made New Jersey her new home with her husband and two daughters. When Radka was young, she loved to sew with her mother and would make curtains, bedding, and more for her family's home. The idea of decorating and styling rooms and transforming the bland into extraordinary became her passion. 

When Radka was 20 years old, she moved to the U.S. with the intention of only staying one year and then returning to the Czech Republic  to continue her studies. Coming to the U.S., she had no money and barely spoke English. This made it extremely hard to survive on her own in this foreign country. She worked odd jobs, none which was her passion, but she never gave up. Radka was on her own and that made her the strong independent woman she is today. 

Within that first year, Radka learned English and her hard work started to pay off. She decided to stay in the U.S., obtaining better jobs and she got her real estate license in New York and New Jersey. In 2000, she met her soon to be husband and opened a construction company. The two both invested everything they had into this venture. They were determined to be successful, and they were. 

Even with the success of their company, Radka's love for interior design had not disappeared, and she decided to follow her dream and attend interior design school. She learned so many new things from that experience and was elated to have the opportunity to become an interior designer/decorator.  Since finishing school, Radka has successfully completed numerous staging, decorating, and interior design jobs, and her clients have never been disappointed. From when she sees her client's home for the first time, she immediately has a vision for how it can be transformed. This is her dream job, and that's why she puts her heart and soul into each and every project. 

Radka's experience in real estate and construction has benefited her tremendously with interior design, allowing to assist clients who may need advice regarding home repairs and construction. She makes sure every customer feels comfortable and listened to. Her friendly and easy-going personality has made it a fun, stress-free experience for her clients and herself. 

Radka looks forward to working with each and every one of you to make your dreams for a beautiful home become reality. 

Languages spoken: English, Czech, Slovakian, Polish, Serbian, Russian

Owner. Designer. Decorator

Susanne Bock


Susanne lives in Cedar Grove, NJ with her husband and three boys. She is now currently the assistant designer and decorator of Blooming Rose Interiors. Interior Design has always been her passion. Transforming her cape style home into a beautiful coastal living space has become her favorite hobby. 

Susanne's seasonal decor is one of her specialities. Photography has always been a love of hers. From photographing pictures from her personal life with her family to capturing beautiful designs and layouts of homes. Radka has taught Susanne that a room isn't just a space filled with furniture and that a house isn't just a place to sleep, it is a home with feelings, an environment that reflects your mood, a space to feel safe, comfortable, and cherish special moments.

Most importantly, how you decorate, layout, and design each room gives off a vibe to each person. With Susanne's talents, motivation,  and hardworking skills her and Radka make a great team that their journey has just began!

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